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Planning: Temporary Parking for Taylor Festival


  1. 1. Step One
  • Step One

    1. Taylor Planning

    2. Completed application, $100.00 fee & site plan (attach) may be dropped off or sent to : City of Taylor Building Department, 23555 Goddard Road, Taylor, MI 48180. Fax (734) 374-2732

    3. Drawings (with dimensions) of parking lot must be attached to application.

    4. Permission from property owner has been obtained.*

      (Attach written permission, if applicable)

    5. Your must contact the Building Dept. (734) 287-6550 & Fire Dept. (734) 374-1355, during regular business hours to set up an inspection PRIOR TO THE START OF THE EVENT. Any inspections occurring outside of the M-F, 9-5 business hours will be billed to the applicant.

    6. If you are proposing any other event on site you must submit a separate Special Event application.